in a class of our own (:

in a class of our own (:

Friday, October 29, 2010

random stuff you need to know!

hello 09S7C~

it's been more than a week since graduation (:
oh and er, slightly more than a week to A-levels o.o
and yes i know all of you are studying very hard, just take some time to read~

1. Hotel room on Prom night!
So yep, everyone pay me $35 when you next see me :D
[fine i decided to be nice, $30 will do okay, rmb to pay me~]
which will probably be on the first day of A-levels, so..just rmb lah ah.

2. The prom night itself~
someone please think of what to do after prom ends.
we've been going in circles discussing about it LOL

3. Class outing
or sth to that effect.
your dear welfare rep will have sth planned for 2dec/3dec yup

okay frankly i'm only gonna start planning after econs paper 2 o.o
before our male comrades start 2years of interesting life.
probably 3 or 4 or 5 days i guess, and it's not CNY yet so don't worry
so..who can come please tell me SOON so i can plan properly!

5. rmb my gift on grad day?
lol yeah sorry i rushed it out in the midst of mugging so it's not that perfect..
if any of the photos drop out o.o just stick it back yourself okay
anyway, it was supposed to be photos that you've taken with every single person in class, so yep, hope you'll treasure it~
class montage i'll give everyone a copy on prom night (:

6. stop slacking on the computer and GO MUG

-Dorothy (:

Saturday, September 18, 2010


okayy i know prelims aren't over yet but it's always good to look ahead~
the following is post-prelims schedule, typed out to the best of my ability o.o haha

Friday, 24/9
go out after chem paper? (: i dunno what to do though, can decide on that day la haha

Saturday, 25/9
post-prelim class gathering :D details tbc

Monday, 27/9
0800-1000 - return GP P2, LT3
1000-1030 - CIP & CCA certificate briefing, LT3
1030-1230 - break! whoo so long, time to mug o.o
1230-1400 - math revision lecture, probably in audi
1400-1530 - only for pharm chem ppl, return P1, AVT

Tuesday, 28/9
(i think no morning assembly?)
0900-1100 - return chem P3, LT3
rest of the day - 没有了!

Wednesday, 29/9
whoo no need go sch :D

Thursday, 30/9
0930-1100 - GP lesson 1 , LT3
1100-1230 - bio core topics revision 1, audi

Friday, 1/10
1100-1230 - only for pharm chem ppl, return P2, LT2

Monday, 4/10
0800-0930 - return math P1P2, audi
0930-1230 - break, time to mug again
1230-1400 - bio core topics revision 2, audi

Tuesday, 5/10
0800-1000 - return chem P1P2, LT3
rest of the day - continue mugging

Wednesday, 6/10
0800-1000 - return bio P1P2, audi
rest of the day - okay lah can break from mugging once in a while haha

Thursday, 7/10
0930-1100 - GP lesson 2, LT3
1100-1230 - math revision lecture/lesson 1, audi?
pharm chem ppl have sth from 1330-1530

Friday, 8/10
0800-1000 - return econs P1, audi
1000-1100 - break
1100-1300 - return bio P3, audi
1300-1400 - break
1400-1530 - bio applications revision 1, audi
what an exciting day :D

Monday, 11/10
0800-0930 - chem revision lecture 1, audi/other venues
rest of the day - other than bio remedial, nth le

Tuesday, 12/10
0800-1000 - return econs P2, LT2 prob
1000-1130 - math revision lecture/lesson 2, audi
1130-1400 - break, time to continue mugging
1400-1530 - bio applications revision 2, audi
1530-1630 - meeting econs UPS (i hope i'm not in it..)

Wednesday, 13/10
1000-1100 - bio planning revision lecture, audi
1100-1330 - break, let's mug
1330-1500 - chem revision lecture 2, audi/other venues
then bio remedial

Thursday, 14/10
0930-1100 - GP lesson 3, LT3
1100-1200 - break
1200-1330 - chem revision lecture 3, audi/other venues
Friday, 15/10
0800-0930 - math revision lecture/lesson 3, audi
0930-1130 - econs revision lecture 1, LT2 prob
bio remedial

Monday, 18/10
0800-0930 - math revision lecture/lesson 4, audi
0930-1100 - chem revision lecture 4, audi/other venues
1100-1200 - break, anyone hungry?
1230-1430 - econs revision lecture 2, LT2 prob

Tuesday, 19/10
1030-1200 - GP lesson 4, LT3
pharm chem at 1430-1600, LT2

Wednesday, 20/10
0800-0930 - chem revision lecture 5, audi/other venues
0930-1100 - bio remedial
otherwise, 0930-1200 - break, stop slacking la
1200-1400 - econs revision lecture 3, LT2 prob

Thursday, 21/10
it's gonna be a looooooooooong day
0800-1000 - econs revision lecture 4, LT2 prob
then bio remedial (1300-1430) or pharm chem (1430-1600)

Friday, 22/10
0800-0900 - special CT session, B134 (new classroom!)
0900-1000 - Principal's address + A-level briefing, LT3
1000-1130 - math revision lecture/lesson 5, audi

Over the weekend
prepare well for the coming week!

Monday, 25/10
1230-1430 - bio mock P2!
1430-1600 - review of bio mock P2

Tuesday, 26/10
0900-1130 - chem P3 timed exercise, audi
1130-1300 - break, rest your hands
1300-1530 - econs mock paper _, dunno where

Wednesday, 27/10
1130-1430 - math mock paper _, audi

Thursday, 28/10
1230-1430 - bio mock P3
1430-1600 - review of bio mock P3

Friday, 29/10
stay home mug, except bio remedial ppl

mug like you've never mugged before!
but don't get too stressed, take a break once in a while (:


after 2/12
who knows~~

by the way, class trip will probably be in the third week of january, any objections?
destination: unknown yet, need to research.
so in december you all can go for your family holidays bah.
will discuss details with you all after prelims k (:
that also means, in addition to the above schedule, we might have to stay back on some days because we have many things to settle/discuss for graduation/post-graduation.
just telling you all first~

but for now, focus on prelims..just one more week jiayou :D
P(09S7C doing well) = 1

-Dorothy (:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

new template!

okay everyone,
i'm quite noob at this [no, xixian, i'm not admitting anything LOL] but i had reasons for changing it anyways. also good to have a bit of change once in a while right.

[if you're reading this, means you're not go back to your BCME now!]

-Dorothy (:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Bored with school life? Need entertainment? Wanna bring ur gf/bf out on a hot date?(only applicable to SOME hehheh) More importantly, wanna support ur classmates?=D=D=D=D

This year, MAD and Chinese Dance brings to you...

It'll be a show for u to enjoy!=D=D=D Tickets are at $7 each! It's in sch audi somemore! It'll be on sale in sch tmr! Convenient right? Tickets are selling out fast so grab them now!!!=D So come on down and join us on the 30TH/31St MAY! Hope to see you there!=D

Modern.HipHop.Bboy.Chinese Dance

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Egg is a nutritious source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds such as lutein and choline. Therefore, it can certainly be consumed as part of a balanced diet. A healthy individual can choose to have an egg everyday as part of his/her diet. But if you have high blood cholesterol, or heart disease, it would be best to limit your intake of eggs as the yolk of the egg is high in cholesterol (200mg). This makes up two thirds of the dietary cholesterol you need from your diet.

A diet high in cholesterol contributes to elevated blood cholesterol level for some people. Generally, you are encouraged to consume no more than 4 egg yolks in a week. If you have an egg, then limit other sources of cholesterol for the day in order to avoid excessive cholesterol intake. Cholesterol can be found in all food and beverages of animal origin, with organ meat and shellfish typically containing higher amounts.

Singapore Health Promotion Board
So, maybe people like Tony and Lynn who eats 3 eggs a day (which amounts to 21 eggs a week) may want to consider cutting down their intake of egg/egg yolk :)

Muahaha. Anyway, let's go to Hatched one day for breakfast together!
Its a restaurant which serves all sort of egg dishes :D

We all should go on a food hunt together!!! :D :D :D


Friday, April 16, 2010

for the love of PW~

8 months of hard work just translates into a single alphabet: A!

all that relentless editing of our WR, all that frustrating and confusing individual works, and the x number of OP rehearsals we've had.. ALL PAID OFF! needless to say, judging by our reactions today when we heard the news, all of us were happy. relieved. satisfied. elated. overjoyed. speechless.

and there's one person we have to thank for that! Mrs Eileen Tan, thank you so very much for pushing us to perfect every single piece of work that we submitted, for taking so much time off for consultation and to look through our many drafts :D you're the best!

let's not forget that this was a class effort as well! rmb how we took the time to watch and write pages of comments on each others' OP so many times..those were priceless experiences and feedback (: also, there's no doubt that every single one of you in 09S7C has put in his or her 100% effort into PW. so congratulations, be proud of the fruits of your hard work :D

every single group here, HI198, HI199, HI200, HI201, HI202, HI203 earned their well-deserved grade. so go on, go reminisce, remember the entire PW process, remember how you felt today at 3.15pm (:

to quote ms ouyang: "this adds another A to your list, now it's time to work towards getting the rest of the As this November". yup jiayou everyone (:
go reward yourselves cos you know you deserve it :D hmm, i shall treat the class to sth nice next week okay! or the following week maybe haha. i'm so proud of us, 09S7C ROCKS :D
-Dorothy :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

start of a new year!


lol seems like no one wants to update, but oh well, do try to :)

yeahh our dear juniors of 10S7C have come in!
let's all be nice seniors okay :) smile, talk ,wave to them..make them feel at home.
this just means that we won't have space on the class bench anymore haha

do cherish every moment we spend together!
chinese new year coming soon..take the time to rest and recharge.
not forgetting all our tests and so on.
we all know the next 10 months are going to get tougher and tougher..
no more long breaks to have lunch at high school, no more slacking at starbucks before ct session..just lecture notes and tutorials piling up. so fun.
but wow, just think of all our wonderful teachers and cool classmates, i'm sure we'll all support and help each other right :) in the end we'll do well together again :)

yay we had a great time last year, hope this year will be equally full of fun and laughter!
our seniors and juniors will be jealous HAH.

shall end off with a conversation among some girls in our class today:
Girl 1: 'i hope our junior class will be nice.'
Girl 2: 'yeah our class is so cool..because of ppl like unique.'
Girl 1: 'no, our class is cool because WE ALL ARE.'

haha yeah like that.
and btw, 10S7C is great :D
create a class blog soon~

-Dorothy :)